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how we are helping

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we are shifting all of our available resources to helping nonprofits remote enable their workforce using Microsoft Teams. We have suspended fees for our NPowered training program, making it free for all nonprofits to access needed trusted tech guidance during this crisis.

We are helping nonprofits in three primary ways:

  1. We are here to help, however necessary! We are standing by answering questions in the NPlace Technology topic to help you in any way we can! 

  2. Nonprofits already on Office 365 will be able to immediately take part in our NPowered training and collaborative platform (at no cost) that will immediately help their staff begin remote working. Additionally, in NPowered, nonprofits will be able to ask questions and collaborate with experts and peers on everything from where best to purchase a new computer to help reviewing quotes so they are not being price-gouged. 

  3. For those not already on Office 365, we are mobilizing a team to help nonprofits quickly set up Office 365 and Teams so they can take part in NPowered and work remotely.

How you

can help

IT Forward is a social startup and an innovative leader in nonprofit technology. Our founding goal was to help as many nonprofits as possible get to the cloud and better leverage it...and the platform we built to help nonprofits ( is an ideal solution to help bring resources together in this time of need.

However, we can't tackle this alone with our limited funding and personnel. There are many ways you or your organization can help. Here are just a couple:

  • Skilled tech volunteers can help with virtual assessments, set up O365 tenants (with simple guided instructions) or participate in the NPowered online community.  All can be done remotely. Click here to join our Tech Volunteer Group!

  • Other professionals can join and participate in the community to help with a wide range of topics from HR to Legal to Finance. Click here to join NPlace.

  • Partner with us. We are looking for corporations to help provide skilled volunteers or funding. If you are willing to help monetarily, please Contact Us today! :)

  • Help spread the word. We are hoping to help as many nonprofits as possible so spreading the word via social media and email would be helpful!  

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